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A Special Election

Kentucky State Senate Candidate District 19



Misty Glin has been nominated as the Republican candidate in the special election in S.D. 19. The JCRP Executive Committee unanimously approved her nomination 36-0. Misty will be on the ballot for the special election which takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023.

Misty was most recently a candidate for JCPS school board District 6 and wants to continue to fight for our students in Frankfort. Misty’s own experiences growing up in the Portland neighborhood and attending JCPS schools from K – 12, and later her career as a highly sought-after trainer and instructor with Job Corps for disadvantaged youth has given her a thorough understanding of the daily challenges that many students and their families face today.  No one in Misty’s family had gone to college but Misty was determined to go.

Misty became a young mother while in high school, but continued to work hard at her studies graduating from Doss High School with her daughter at her side. After high school, Misty went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Pharmacy Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on healthcare, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Leadership from Sullivan University. In her professional work, Misty has held positions at the Home of the Innocents in Louisville and as an instructor at Sullivan University. Currently, she is a corporate training manager for Specialty Pharmacy in Louisville and developed the training curriculum in use there. She is also an adjunct instructor for colleges in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Misty is married with two children and a grandchild on the way.


Better Education

  • I fully support and will fight for school choice including charter schools and educational opportunity accounts.
  • I support all schools having a Security Resource Officer on site, metal detectors, and strong punishments for students that violate safety measures. 

  • I support anti-bullying laws such as HB190, which creates a committee outside of JCPS to hear bullying complaints so cases can be evaluated without biased committee members.

  • I support more trade school partnerships with public schools and local businesses to help cultivate jobs in communities for students straight out of high school.

  • I support legislation that gives parents more voice and choice in their child’s education.

Safer Communities

  • I support programs that will help our communities recruit, train, and retain law enforcement personnel.
  • I support reforming the juvenile justice system so that our young offenders have a chance at reform and can go on and lead productive lives. 
  • I support strong penalties for repeat criminal offenders and drug traffickers.

Economic Development

  • The Republicans have made great strides in the 2023 session to lower the income tax the 4.5% and I will continue to fight to keep taxes low.

  • In various places across the country, sports betting is legal. Kentucky is not one of them. I will support legislation that legalizes sports gambling. 

  • Eliminate unnecessary regulations and mandates that hurt existing businesses and our ability to attract new businesses.


To see if you live in District 19, go to https://jeffersoncountyclerk.org/wheredoivote/ and enter JUST your street address (not city or zip). When you do and click Search, you’ll get a response that shows where you vote. You will also get a response that shows when your next election is. If you are in District 19, it will say your next election is the special election. If you are NOT registered, you have until January 23, 2023 by 4:00 p.m. to register. Go to GoVoteKY.com to do that, or to check your registration to make sure all info there is correct.

What if I want to vote absentee, or on another day?

You can request an absentee ballot from now to February 7th. Go to GoVoteKY.com to request a mail-in ballot if you meet residency and eligibility qualification requirements. A ballot drop box will be available at the Jefferson County Clerk Election Center (1000 E. Liberty Street 40204) from Jan. 9 to Feb. 21, during office hours.

No Excuse Absentee Voting:
February 16, 17, 18
In-Person Voting
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Voting Poll Locations

  • The Arterburn: 310 Ten Pin Lane
  • Jefferson County Central Government Center: 7201 Outer Loop
  • Cyril Allgeier Community Center: 4101 Cadillac Court
  • Jefferson County Clerk Election Center: 1000 East Liberty St.

Election Day Voting:
February 21st
In-Person Voting
6:00am – 6:00pm
Voting Poll Locations

  • The Arterburn: 310 Ten Pin Lane
  • Jefferson County Central Government Center: 7201 Outer Loop
  • Cyril Allgeier Community Center: 4101 Cadillac Court
  • Jefferson County Clerk Election Center: 1000 East Liberty St.
  • Atherton High School: 3000 Dundee Rd.
  • Audubon Elementary: 1051 Hess Ln.
  • Hawthorne Elementary: 2301 Clarendon Ave.
  • Highland Middle School: 1700 Norris Pl.
  • Seneca High School: 3510 Goldsmith Ln.
  • Smyrna Elementary: 6401 Outer Loop
  • Southern High School: 8620 Preston Hwy.
  • Watterson Elementary: 3900 Breckenridge Ln.

Why Misty Ran
for School Board 

School Safety:

  • Assurance that students have a safe place to learn and grow
  • Student accountability for behavior
  • The presence of a Security Resource Officer (SRO) in every school

Quality Education:

  • Teaching students foundational life skills
  • Age-appropriate educational content and curriculum transparency
  • Prioritization of student mental health
  • Overcoming the significant flaws revealed by NTI (remote learning)
  • Advocation for special needs and Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

Parent Voice:

  • A forum for parents to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation
  • Parents’ right to have the final and only authority over their child’s healthcare decisions

Misty Glin Email List


My Students

Some kind words from one of my Job Corp Center students.

I replayed the videos of us dancing to the thriller like 5 times today. I cannot dance at all and I was doing it because Mrs. Glin wanted me to be a part of the team. I stayed positive even though I felt embarrassed about my weight.  We practice and practiced until we got it right.  I laughed in happy thoughts back to when we’d laugh and learn every day in our pharmacy class Misty taught. Everyone at JC impacted me in some form or fashion, but pharmacy tech was my favorite at and taught me so much. I learned to be humble and still chase my goals and be proud of how far I’ve come while remembering what I went through to get there. Every time I think of Misty Glin I hear her encouraging ambition behind her stern tone when she would give me advice from a mother’s and teacher’s point of view. At school, she was my mentor and helped drive me on the path I should go. Through youth 2 Youth with the anti-bullying campaign all of pharmacy and many other students from other trades, we fought hand in hand and cheered on Alex (Misty’s son) in the hope for Alex’s law to be passed in order to stop bullying in schools. Alex’s law is a voice for all students and gives them a better education environment for children to feel safe at school as they are at home with their parents. We marched for peace and that was the most intriguing day. Together we went to schools and read to first graders, made a donation fundraiser for the homeless shelters and brought food for the homeless people in the streets in Louisville. I missed out on that but I got to help bring people together to help. Engaging in these events and many more taught us how to get to the source and help the ones on the streets instead of sending all the things to the shelter. To take us to the streets to see for ourselves as an act of humility as Misty would say to us . “Always be humble and kind.” Pharmacy was her professional standpoint yet she was our life coach inside the classroom. Just ask all her students, and they’ll tell you, “She didn’t do it for news reporters.” She did it because seeing smiles and warm hearts makes her happy. I would vote for her any day for the school board. She’s perfect for the school board. I will guarantee that you won’t regret voting for Misty for District 6. She’ll rock the JCPS school board!!! Misty has been here for me since day one. Vote Misty Glin!!! Louder for those in the back. VOTE FOR MISTY GLIN FOR DISTRICT 6!!!!
Natasha C., Student

As a student at Whitney M. Young Jr. Job Corp Center. Mrs. Misty Glin was not only my pharmacy tech teacher; she was a mentor and friend. From the first time I came into her classroom, you could feel the love everywhere. However, I honestly was scared of her because she was so tough and headstrong about what she does as a teacher. From making lip chaps & hand soap to dosing medications properly, Glin would tell me to learn from my mistakes and don’t give up. Keep trying. Even away from the educational standpoint, Glin got me involved Youth 2 Youth, where I got the chance to help with Alex Law, from the beginning a survivor of bullying & depression she showed me there are people out there that want to change and make a difference for the future. Glin is a great example of being the change you want to see in the world. I Thank Mrs.Glin for all that she has done for me. I love and miss you, Mrs. Glin. Thank you for everything. 

Trinitee B., Student

When I moved to Kentucky, I had nothing.  Then I met Mrs. Glin, and my life changed.  It started with Job Corps.  I signed up for Job Corps to get an education that will provide me with a career to support my son and myself.  There I found Mrs. Glin, who was teaching the pharmacy technician class I had joined.  She helped me to learn the material needed to pass her class.  While in Job Corps, she helped me find the perfect job; a job that I worked at for five years since, and excelled at.  She was there for me during the pregnancy of my second child.  She has always made herself available whenever I needed a friend or a helping hand.  Mrs. Glin, a kind, caring, sympathetic and resourceful woman, has given me more than an education, she has given me friendship, support, guidance, and encouragement to be the best me I could become.  Anyone who meets Mrs. Glin can and will call her a friend.

Mariah O., Student
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